12 Reasons Why Progressive Web APPS (PWA) are Better Than Mobile Websites 

1. PWA Looks Like and Functions Like a Native App without the complexities of publishing to the Apple APPS and Android PLAY STORE Marketplaces along with download and update issues and what about other use on non Apple and Android devices? PWA even saves ICON to mobile device for easy "touch" connect.

2. PWA Offers Better Personalization

3. PWA offer Ease of Sending Notifications

4. PWA Uses Features of Mobile Devices

5. PWA's Work When No Internet Connection

6. PWA Becomes Your Website and works on all mobile devices and desktops

7. PWA Offers a New Branding Experience 

8. Stats Shows Users Spend More Time on APPS. Why not make your website a PWA to benefit from this trend.

9. PWA Provides New Stream of Conversions

10. PWA provides a Better Brand Experience

11. PWA's Work Faster Than Websites

12. PWA Provides a Cloud Dashboard For Easy Content Management, Analytics, Push Messages and more.

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