A Modern Solution: The Digital Business Card

Creating First Impressions

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Digital Business Card includes:

Domain Registration for your name (format dbc-{first name}.com)

6 months hosting and SSL certificate

Access to dashboard where you can update your information and send push messages. Training to be provided.

Custom design. Will require your company logo, your name with phone number, email and website. Can also add social media links.

After 6 months,  $120+GST for 12 months hosting and SSL and dashboard access.

Building Authentic Connections with Virtual Business Cards

The world has gone digital, facilitating enhanced connectivity and ease of communication. So why should your business card remain analog? The digital business card is not just innovative but also a strategic move for building your professional network. This internet-based business card presents an efficient and cost-effective solution for providing all the necessary information to your current and potential clients, with no physical boundaries.

The first impression matters a lot in the business world, and digital business cards help make a lasting one. Innovative, sleek, and modern, they leave an impression of professionalism and tech-savviness. The minimal design and organized layout showcase your business information clearly, ensuring that your brand stays magnetic, standing out among your competitors in the market.

Eco-Friendly Business Solution

Easy Updates

Easy Updates

The aim behind swapping business cards is to create meaningful business relationships. But many traditional cards end up in a dusty drawer or even in the trash. Digital business cards are engaging and interactive. They allow recipients to connect with you just by tapping on your contact details, website, or social media accounts, bridging the gap and establishing better and more authentic connections.
Convenient Sharing

Convenient Sharing

Paper business cards contribute significantly to environmental degradation. With digital business cards, you aid in reducing paper waste and making your business more sustainable. This green initiative not only benefits the environment but also adds to your brand image, making you a responsible and environmentally conscious entity in the business world.
Improving Brand Visibility

Improving Brand Visibility

Changes are a constant part of business. With physical cards, any update means reprinting and redistributing the cards. However, with digital business cards, you can make updates easily and instantly. The changes are immediately available to everyone who has your business card, eliminating any confusion and ensuring that your contacts always have up-to- date information at their fingertips.

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