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At the same time, mobile app development must adhere to all the same design principles of great web design while at the same time tweaking these rules for the new mobile environment. A good mobile app development company recognizes that good iOS design is different from good Android design.

At APPS Developer Dot Ca Inc., we are incredibly proud of our mobile app development services and have helped countless businesses to develop applications that represent their company and help them to extend their service.

What exactly makes a great mobile app?

Of course it’s crucial right away that your app be free from bugs and that it run smoothly without crashing or experiencing glitches. Mobile app development is incredibly complicated but don’t expect your customers to be understanding when even the small niggles find their way in. Remember too that people are much more likely to leave bad reviews than good ones, so you really need to offer a perfectly smooth experience for that five star rating!

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BrownOX Ventures Inc.

Georgia, USA

CSN Premier / Tristar Collision Centres

ZEN 11eleven

Calgary, AB

West Edmonton Coin & Stamp

Edmonton, AB

Peter B Mason Real Estate Lawyer

Edmonton, AB

Canadian Title Monitoring

Crystal Glass Corporate

Edmonton, AB

Kiriak Law

Edmonton, AB

Town of Three Rivers PEI

Alberta Real Estate Agent Hotline


Lacombe City Cinemas

Lacombe, AB

Roxx Salon & Spa

Sherwood Park, AB

Source One Sales

Edmonton, AB

Shepherds Guide

Edmonton, AB



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