Frequently Asked Questions

Will PWAs work well on my older devices? -
Absolutely! Our PWAs are designed for optimal performance across all generations of devices.

Aren't native apps better than PWAs in functionality? -
Our PWAs match native apps in functionality, adding the benefit of no downloads and instant updates.

Do I risk data security with your PWAs? -
Security is paramount; our PWAs employ advanced measures to keep your data locked down securely.

Will my users really notice the difference with a PWA? -
User satisfaction soars with PWAs—speed, engagement, and seamless experience are just the beginning.

Are PWAs a fad that will soon be replaced by something better? -
PWAs are the future, continuously evolving with web technology to remain cutting-edge.

Can your PWAs handle heavy traffic without lag? -
Scalability is key. Our PWAs are robust, ensuring smooth performance, regardless of user load.

Do PWAs rank well in search engines like native apps? -
Better! Our PWAs are SEO-optimized to ensure they outshine competitors in search engine visibility.

Is offline functionality really that smooth and reliable? -
Indeed, our PWAs provide a flawless offline experience, keeping you productive at all times.

How often do I need to maintain or update the PWA? -
Our PWAs update automatically, reducing maintenance efforts and keeping you current effortlessly.

Aren't PWAs more expensive to develop than regular websites? -
Not at all, PWAs offer a high ROI thanks to their low maintenance costs and wide-reaching benefits.


Aren't PWAs less powerful than native apps? -
Our PWAs deliver a native-like experience with powerful features and performance, without any compromises.

Will a PWA work well on all of my devices? -
Absolutely, our PWAs offer consistent, adaptive experiences on any device, ensuring a seamless user journey.

Do I have to sacrifice app features for this web technology? -
Not at all! Our PWAs provide app-like functionality, including offline access and push notifications, with no feature sacrifice.

Aren't PWAs harder to find since they're not in app stores? -
Our SEO-friendly PWAs excel in online discoverability, making them even more accessible than many store apps.

Is the security of PWAs on par with native apps? -
We prioritize security, so our PWAs are fortified with advanced measures, ensuring data protection on par with natives.

Will I need frequent maintenance with a PWA? -
Our PWAs simplify maintenance with rapid, effortless updates, reducing your long-term management commitment.

Do PWAs drain battery life faster than traditional apps? -
On the contrary, our efficient PWAs are designed to use minimal resources, safeguarding your device's battery life.

Can a web-based solution really offer better customer retention? -
Yes, our engaging, high-performance PWAs enhance user experience, fostering loyalty and improving customer retention.

Is it worth investing in a PWA over a regular website or app? -
PWAs offer superior performance, engagement, and cost savings, making them a smart investment over traditional options.

How quickly can I see results after switching to a PWA? -
Our clients often witness immediate improvements in user engagement, load times, and conversion rates with our PWAs.


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