Linkedin Marketing

Business to Business, Business to Customer..

We offer a monthy service using our Linkedin AI Software.

All about getting business specific connections by keyword and location.

Sharing your brand, your products, specials, information, events .. as per your business marketing.. geared to getting more traffic to your website converting into leads.

How does it work? What is the process?


  1. Use your compaines main Linkedin Account. Or multiple accounts for various departments.
  2. Setup Linkedin account properly for B2B and B2C.
  3. Build a list of business specific keywords and locations.
  4. A list of connections as per keyword and location is built with our Linkedin AI software.
  5. The number of connections is recorded at the start.
  6. Our Linkedin AI software is triggered to send an introduction message inviting the person to connect.
  7. This is where the properly setup Linkedin profile comes in.
    The sent invite triggers he or she to click to view your business profile.
    The profile must present your business with a properly designed image showing services, products so that the invite says "Yes I'll connect".
  8. As the list builds, connects will ask questions directly in linkedin or click the profile to get contact, website.. info, to connect directly with your business.
  9. Shares are made to your linkedin account.
    These can be specific as given or content can be used from your company website. 
  10. Short videos are make to highlight products, services, events to be shared as linkedin posts. 
  11. Each post has your business website link.. to a specific page or to the home page.
  12. Repeat. Build more connections as per keywords and location.

Our Linkedin AI software is not available directly for client use.
Clients must provide their Linkedin login information for use by Apps Developer Dot Ca. 
Minimum 6-month contract, with a review at that time.
Monthly remote or onsite meetings as required.
Can be renewed for another 6-months after review or cancelled. 


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